Services to Expect from Auto Detailing in Baltimore

by | May 16, 2014 | Automotive

Auto detailing goes beyond the standard car wash. The process of Auto Detailing in Baltimore encompasses several aspects of car care that cleans and protects the exterior and interior appearance of your vehicle. The cost of having your vehicle detailed differs according to the package you choose and the size or style of your automobile. Larger vehicles like SUVs, vans, and trucks will cost a little more to detail than a standard car like a sedan or station wagon. The following will describe some of the services you can expect from automobile detailing services.

1. Express detail – This type of service covers basic things like exterior washing and drying by hand, interior vacuuming, door jams cleaning, window cleaning, wheel cleaning, tire dressing application, and dashboard and cup holder area cleaning.

2. Express detail with wax – This package includes everything from the basic express detail plus a wax. You can expect extra detailing like bug and tar removal and a coat of premium wax.

3. Deluxe detail – The deluxe package is the express and express with wax package along with other services. The extras include options like clay bar cleaning for deep cleaning, basic cleaning and dressing application for interior doors, dashboard, and center console, polishing that eliminates minor scratches and oxidation, shampooing the mats, and cleaning the wheel wells, door jams, truck, and tires.

4. Full service detail – Auto Detailing in Baltimore at Diamond Detail Inc. also includes the option for a full-service detailing. It combines all the packages already described, plus a few bonus options. The full-service extras include steam cleaning and shampooing the carpets, floor mats, and seats, and a 100-point detail inspection.

5. Optional and custom services – Auto Detailing in Baltimore can include a car protection package detailing complete with Scotch Guard application, leather protectant, premium sealants, and a thorough wash and dry. Custom solutions that cost extra include windshield protection, wash and wax only, ozone odor removal, heavy polish, spot buff, tint removal, dent removal, excessive dog hair removal, and other custom services.

No matter what your needs for car detailing, expert services can make it happen to your satisfaction. Some dent removal, dressings and sealants that protect your upholstery, paint, leather, tires, and vinyl areas of the vehicle, and basic washing and drying services are all part of the process in maintaining and restoring your automobile. The people at Diamond Detail Inc provide quality auto detailing for all your needs.


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