Suggestions for Disassembling and Selling Junk Cars in St. Paul, MN

When a four wheeler is neglected, damaged or abused beyond repair, it can no longer be used for normal transportation purposes. In such cases, the cars have to be torn down and dismantled to retrieve its individual functional parts. The complete machinery may not be functioning as a whole but its individual components can be used with other compatible models. Many scrap yards are ready to pay a decent amount for the serviceable units.

In case you are interested in selling your old, worn out or junk cars in St. Paul, MN, you can dispose them off at a junk yard or a salvage dealer.

Some dealers renovate the complete machinery while others sell them in parts. If you are up for this project, you should follow these suggestions for disassembling your car components.

* Analyze your vehicle and make a list of all possible interior and exterior damages. Make a list of all running parts, test them and estimate their life cycle.

* Determine the value of your autos on the website of your car manufacturer. You simply need to provide them your car name, model number, makeup, mileage and year of manufacturing. They shall estimate the present cost of your car. You may also check out the prices of individual components and compare them with those provided by other dealers in the market.

* Dismantling a junk car can be hazardous for a newbie. You may outsource this task to yards that hoard junk cars in St. Paul, MN or do some research on the procedure and try it on your own.

* Put on safety suit, gloves and eye protection. Unlock the hood with the help of wrenches, wire cutters and screwdrivers. Thereafter, detach the engine, fuel tank and other components.

* Once the engine has been detached from its hoist, you should proceed towards removing the trunk, doors and windows. Loosen the lug nuts to remove the tires, unbolt windows and disassemble the seats inside. You may use sledgehammers for eliminating components that are tight fixed.

* Contact the local dealers, recycling centers, salvage yards and direct customers who are looking for spare vehicle parts. You should provide them an honest and a detailed description of individual components. Compare the prices offered by different customers and select the most profitable deal.

* If your car is still running, you just need to get it repaired. Polish it up, oil the parts, estimate its value and tow it to a salvage yard. They shall offer you much higher prices.

* Once you get your prospective client, fix an appointment with them. Call them at your office or make arrangements to deliver the spare parts to their place.

* Provide him necessary documents, transfer the title to the customer, sign the contract and accept your payment.

There are plenty of dealers who sell bulk junk cars in St. Paul, MN. In case you are planning to establish amongst them, you need to provide honest services otherwise you will end up damaging your reputation and earn negative feedbacks from the client if you possess an online business.

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