The Vast Catalog of Wholesale Parts in Minneapolis, MN

With over 100,000 parts in active inventory, Viking Auto Salvage may arguably be one of the best resources for Wholesale Parts in Minneapolis, MN. Many types of people can get involved with buying, reselling, and of course, using wholesale auto parts. Visitors can find items from exterior shell pieces such as fenders, to tires, internal combustion parts, and transmissions. The salvage yard stocks up on totally wrecked cars just as often as they acquire functioning vehicles. But even wrecked cars have their value. They can easily be torn apart and shredded for parts, and the wide assortment of people whop bring their vehicle to the yard for a quick buck do not realize the value of what they hold.

Organization is extremely important in a salvage yard. This is why Viking is incredibly well organized, particularly for a type of business that is not well known for their clean and classified business space. A crew of practiced team members know exactly how and when to dismantle vehicles and display certain items categorically. Wholesale Parts in Minneapolis, MN are affordable, and Viking has an established credibility and integrity in the area that is unmatched.

30 total acres of space allows Viking to acquire a vast array of parts. If it can not be found immediately, visitors just ask a member to assist. They know the yard so well, it can probably be found within minutes. Find domestic, import, and truck parts at the yard. The lighter truck parts are a lot more common in the salvage yard. This is largely because trucking companies use their own salvage yards to recycle the freight trucks they work with. But the majority of residential areas of with Wholesale Parts in Minneapolis, MN would do fine with an eclectic mix of parts for traditional vehicles.

The yard is so vast and overwhelming it would take years to really navigate it on one’s own. The majority of people in the city come to Viking to unload their vehicles. Fortunately, under the hood, they hold a basin full of valuable parts- the same parts that customers rely on to keep their vehicle in running order.

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