Three Great Reasons You Should Use Reserved Parking In the South Loop

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Parking

Parking in the South Loop of Chicago can be a nightmare. If you head down there on a busy night, you could spend hours driving around looking for a spot. This either leads to you being late to your event or overpaying for parking. Did you know that you can reserve your South Loop parking online next time you are in Chicago? Here are three reasons to do so.

1. Saves Money – When you reserve your South Loop parking spot online, you lock in the price. This means you can’t get hurt with South Loop surge pricing when you look for a spot at the last second on a busy night. Whatever price you are offered at the time you book your spot is the price you get. You can save even more when you use a promo code at checkout.

2. Saves Time – Reserving a spot is an ideal strategy if you despise driving around for hours looking for a parking spot. When you reserve your spot and pay ahead of time, it will be waiting for you with minimal check-in time. Now, you don’t have to leave home half an hour early.

3. Options – When you book a spot online, you will get an array of options based on your search criteria. You can select by location, price, and whether or not the spot is covered when you book your spot online.

Next time you go out in the South Loop, book your reserved parking spot at ParkChirp. See every spot they have available right now on their website.

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