Tires: Rubber Plus Engineering Expertise

In the final analysis, when we are on the highway, tires are what lies between us and the road surface. Tires help to keep us safe. We should never be in doubt about their quality and suitability. It is too easy to accept the speeds of transportation possible today, without taking stock of the very real danger that the highway brings as the down side to its very considerable benefits. Tires, in combination with today’s complicated and sophisticated vehicle braking and suspension systems are life preservers – and it’s YOUR life they’re preserving!

It is because of this sophisticated engineering combination that, more than ever, we should be careful when replacing the tires of our vehicles. Often, this is the last thing that we think about until statutory legislation inevitably catches up with our neglect.

Let’s take a detailed look at those tires. The variety of options, types and classes of tires available in today’s complex market can make it challenging to select the right tires for a given vehicle. Of course you can plough through the complex catalogs and advertising literature, dabble in the technical journals, or listen to throwaway comments and the ramblings of self-confessed motoring ‘experts’. But the wiser choice in is to consult your local Michelin Gettysburg PA area tire expert.

You may not be aware that exceptional advances have been made in tire tread engineering, specifically in terms of tread rigidity and interlocking action. In a ‘balancing’ exercise, tread depth has been reduced, leading to reduced tire weight, better fuel efficiency, and increased safety. The new construction features result in an even distribution of braking and cornering forces and, to cap it all, what we all need from time to time: reduced stopping distance.
There is also a useful bonus to be had – an extra 20,000 miles of safe motoring.

Other benefits that can be derived from recent tire research are silica tread compounds with better lateral water evacuation which, again, reduce stopping distance and warranty mileage. Other tires in the energy-saver class maximize tire contact with the road resulting in an 8% fuel efficiency bonus and, on a plus side for the environment, lower CO2 emissions.

If you indulge in the sporty, tire burning, ear-punishing boy-racer fraternity, your tires will need extra safety features, not just for your own safety but for the safety of the general motoring public. In this case you can opt for a Michelin tire in Gettysburg PA that will enable you to feel every curve to match your masterly handling skills and push your car to its limits! Yes, there are Michelin tires in Gettysburg PA for those needs too.


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