Transmission Service Dallas Professionals Can Keep You on the Road

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automobile

Problems with a transmission can make a vehicle unsafe. It’s important to ensure you have maintenance services performed on your automobile on a routine basis. Because transmissions are highly complex devices with gears and other moving parts, always make certain you have service performed by a certified mechanic. A transmission service Dallas specialist can diagnose problems associated with loss of power, grinding noises, fluid leakage and component wear. These companies are equipped to replace parts as needed or perform a full overhaul if necessary.

Excessive Friction
One of the primary causes for transmission failure is overheating. When a vehicle has problems with its cooling system, this can negatively impact other vital components. Hauling or towing large loads can cause a vehicle to quickly become hot. As the engine gets hotter, transmission fluid begins breaking down rapidly. This can lead to damage to crucial transmission components. If you’ve been running your engine harder than normal, it’s even more essential to visit a transmission shop for maintenance.

Early Diagnosis
A key element to preventing further damage and saving money is to address transmission problems as soon as possible after they first occur. Even a small issue such as fluid leaking can eventually lead to a major repair bill if not taken care of promptly. The longer you operate a vehicle with a malfunctioning system, the higher the repair costs will be. The professionals suggest you bring your vehicle in for recommended manufacturer servicing once per year or when a specified mileage total has accrued.

Warning Signs and Symptoms
There are a number of warning signals that indicate the need for a transmission diagnosis. One of the more common signs is a shifting problem. When an automobile begins to shift roughly or doesn’t move into gear normally, it will need evaluation right away. Quite often, the vehicle operator will hear loud grinding noises when attempting to change gears or accelerating to a higher rate of speed. Yet another frequent indicator is loss of fluid. Transmission fluid typically is a bright pink color and is responsible for cooling and lubricating vital mechanical parts. Never ignore low transmission fluid levels.

Burning Odor
Transmission fluid that overheats has a very distinct smell. Typically, this is most noticeable after driving for several miles. When fluid starts overheating, this can be indicative that other mechanical parts may be experiencing excessive friction. A certified and knowledgeable transmission service Dallas expert can run a variety of tests to help diagnose transmission problems.

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