Two Common Reasons Vehicles Become a Source for Used Auto Body Parts in Pasadena TX

People who have driven past a salvage yard may be amazed at the sheer number of cars, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks parked there. Those vehicles are the source of used auto body parts in Pasadena TX and elsewhere. Used components help vehicle owners save money when they need to replace parts. Many replacements do not need to be new; they just need to be in excellent working order.

Consumers who have never shopped for used auto body parts in Pasadena TX may be skeptical about the condition of these components. What are the most common reasons that people would junk a car if so many of the components are still useful?

Major Component Failure

One of the most frequent reasons for junking a vehicle is that a major component has failed and the repairs are not worth the money. The major component in question usually is the engine or the transmission. If the car is very old and has high mileage, it may seem pointless to spend a lot of money on repairing or replacing those parts.

Owners may be excited about the prospect of getting a new ride, and they won’t be able to sell the old one on the used car market unless they invest a lot of money in it. Selling it to a salvage yard dealer for some cash seems like the most sensible option.

Collision Damage

Another common reason vehicles wind up in the scrap yard is because they were damaged in a collision and the repair cost is too high to justify. The insurance company may have declared the vehicle a total loss, leaving the policyholder with only the market value of the car before the collision. The insurer won’t cover the high price for repair work. In some instances, no mechanics will accept the job because it’s far too difficult or even impossible.

A Common Reason in Other Parts of the Country

Extensive rust is a third reason for this decision. This is not a problem in the Pasadena area, so used parts stores here have an easier time finding components for older vehicles than is the case further north and along the ocean coasts. Visit Apache Auto Parts to get started.

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