Types of Used Trailers in PA

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If you own a truck and want to haul heavy trailers for your business, you might consider purchasing used trailers inPA. As long as the dump system works and the trailer is in good condition, you can save tons of money. There are several options for heavy trailers, depending on what you want to haul.

End Dump Trailers

End dump trailers do as the name suggests. The contents dump out of the trailer from the end. The front of the trailer lifts into the air all the way up to a 45-degree angle so that every bit of the contents comes pouring out. Some end dump trailers are completely enclosed so that the contents are safe. Others are open on the top for easy access to fill it. You have to keep the contents covered with a tarp so prevent anything from blowing away while you drive. Used open end dump trailers don’t always come with a tarp. You would have to purchase one separately.

Bottom Dump Trailers

Bottom dump trailers have a much different shape than end dump trailers. Most of them look like triangles instead of rectangles. They have a shoot at the bottom of the trailer. When opened, the contents inside pour out on the ground below. It is a simpler mechanism than end dump trailers that require the front of the trailer to rise high into the air. Bottom dump trailers just use a hatch that opens and closes.

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers are complete open on all sides. The truck pulls a flat bed with no walls or roof. It is useful for large odd-shaped objects such as vehicles, equipment, and logs. Use flatbed for objects that won’t fit inside dump trailers. They come in many sizes and weight limits. If your flatbed trailer can’t handle the weight of your haul, the truck won’t move very far.

Vacuum Trailer

Vaccuum trailers are round and long. They have a vacuum with a hose that is used to suck up your haul into the trailer. The vacuum makes loading contents easier and quicker, especially if your haul is small or wet. They come in many sizes and some have more than one trailer attached together.

If you plan to haul goods with your tractor trailer, think about purchasing used trailers in PA. Choose the trailer that fits your needs.

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