What a Modern Tune-Up Entails at a Garage for Car Repair Service in Wheeling IL

Mechanics who provide Car Repair Service in Wheeling IL are accustomed to customers asking for engine tune-ups, even though modern vehicles don’t need the type of service that was traditionally involved with a tune-up. When a vehicle owner notices that the car no longer idles smoothly, is difficult to start or seems to have rough engine performance, it signals the idea of a tune-up, perhaps because that’s what older relatives used to talk about many years ago. However, adjustments such as ignition timing and idle speed now are automatically made by the vehicle’s computer system, so none of that type of work needs to be done manually. This holds true for cars and trucks manufactured since the mid-1900s.

Often, a mechanic who does Car Repair Service in Wheeling IL can resolve these symptoms by replacing the spark plugs and wires. Spark plugs provide the electricity to ignite combustion that starts the vehicle. The components become worn over time, which leads to less-than-stellar engine performance. The car may have trouble starting and it may seem to lag or misfire when accelerating. But this replacement service typically only needs to be done every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the quality of the parts. Platinum plugs, for example, last significantly longer than copper ones do. Either way, the need for replacement comes much less frequently than was required with cars made before the mid-1990s.

Mechanics may recommend replacing one or more belts along with the spark plugs, depending on how many miles the car has. Some cars should have the fuel filter replaced during the service that’s traditionally called a tune-up. This primarily is recommended for cars manufactured before 2010. Checking the maintenance schedule lets the owner know whether this should be done and how often. The latest models typically don’t need filter replacement as the component is located right in the tank. In addition, replacing the air filter is advisable if it’s noticeably dirty. A clean air filter can help engine performance and also improve gas mileage. This can be done at the same time other repair and maintenance work is being performed at a shop such as Dundee & Wolf Automotive. Visit the website  for information about their services. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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