What are Brake Controllers?

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Automotive

Brake controllers are the devices that let your trailer know that your car is coming to a stop when you are towing. If your car stops suddenly without the trailer being clear that is happening, it could crash against your vehicle and cause damage to your hitch. This is not a good scenario. Having brake controllers is imperative to keeping this from happening. There are plenty of places to find brake controllers in Minnesota.

When you press on the brake pedal in your vehicle, a brake controller sends this message through the brake system of the trailer part. This message includes how much stopping power is needed to slow down the trailer and allows for the vehicle and trailer to come to a stop at the same time. There are actually several different types of brake controllers and these are broken down into two groups.

*Proportional Brake Controllers – This system uses a motion sensing process. When you apply your vehicle brakes, the brake controller sends the same amount of power to the trailer’s brakes at the same time. In this system the vehicle and the trailer stop simultaneously and with the same amount of pressure. These systems are also referred to as pendulum brake controllers, and they are called this due to the process by which they sense motion.

*Time Delayed Brake Controllers – This type of system works with a pre-determined amount of power to stop the trailer when the towing vehicle stops. This amount of power has to be set by the driver beforehand and it is dependent on how much weight is being towed. These tend to be less expensive systems and easier to install, but they also put more wear and tear on the braking systems.

Many brake controller systems come with a monitoring system to help you see if the trailer brakes are functioning. These display screens make it easy to see if voltage is flowing from your vehicle to the trailer. This is an important safety feature. Newer models also offer heightened technology, warning signals, LCD screens, and detailed, specific instructions. Many come with options, language settings, and color choices.

Installing brake controllers is simple. The system needs to be mounted somewhere inside of your vehicle, most often this is near the driver’s right leg. They have a four wire set up with connections for the trailer feed, grounding, brake switch, and battery power. It is important that this process is done correctly. Incorrectly installing the wiring for brake controllers can lead to damage or injury.

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