What Are Post Collision Inspections, and Do You Need One?

No one wants to ever end up in an auto accident. Even small fender benders can ruin an otherwise good day, and more serious accidents can cause harm to your family or yourself. Once all of the occupants have been found to be safe and sound, the attention now turns to your vehicle and how to get it repaired. It was your sole method of transportation, after all! The insurance company recommended a body shop in Aurora CO, so you went with their suggestion and had your vehicle taken there for its repairs. They got you in and out, fixing all of the issues you seemed to have had, and now you are back in tip top shape, right? Well, hopefully!

Repair Inspections and their Purpose

Repair inspections are something few drivers know about, but it could potentially save you even more hassles in the long run. Unfortunately, many insurance companies give the body shop in Aurora CO a limited budget to work with, leaving them to attempt to cut costs where possible while still returning the vehicle to mechanical soundness – or as close to it as possible, anyways. These cuts may seem okay in theory, but could potentially be setting you up for additional mechanical and structural failure shortly down the road. In order to keep yourself save in future you need to select a reputable body shop in Aurora CO, that wont cheat you.

•  During framework, a poor weld can leave the occupants of the vehicle open to serious bodily harm in the event of another accident. Frames are manufactured to withstand specific forces, but a poor weld may not be up to the same standard.
•  The improper replacement of a safety feature, such as an airbag, can have serious consequences later on as well. These devices are designed to save lives, but if they were repaired properly or reinstalled incorrectly by a repair shop, you are not going to have that safety feature when you need it most.

Having a Post Collision Inspection Performed

While some shops may not be happy to know you will be having an inspection performed on their work, others such as BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision welcome it! With more than 28 years of experience, they know how to keep prices affordable while still making repairs meet industry standards. Inspections are performed by specifically trained technicians who know exactly what to look for. They will check cosmetic differences, seals around glass, and various features under the hood and within the electrical system. Once the inspection is complete and you have been given the all clear, you can let your mind be at ease when driving your family down the interstate.

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