What Are The Common Types Of Tire Valve Stem Caps?

by | Mar 28, 2012 | Automobile

The tire valve stem caps used in your car are as important for the long life of your vehicle tires as the oil for the brakes in the car. In fact, most car experts suggest that vehicle owners need not fret over the mismatch of valve stem caps with the rest of their car body. Today, many providers have opened up the option of developing customized tire valve stem caps in order to prevent any color mismatch that might affect the exterior appearance of your car. Therefore, all you need to do is select from the three main types of caps available in the market these days.

What are the three main types of tire valve stem caps available in the market these days? The three main types are metal dome, plastic dome and metal screwdriver caps. Here is a quick look at each of these three types with a small note on their usage conditions.

Plastic Dome: As the name suggests, this type of tire valve stem caps is made up of black plastic and ends in an upper dome. The usability of these designs is best expressed in normal driving conditions. It is designed to withstand normal autocrossing and driving conditions, but cannot withstand the heat generated during racetrack driving. Most of the plastic domes do not contain rubber seals in them reducing their efficiency while usage.

Metal Dome: These use the dome shape found in plastic caps and substantiate it with the sturdiness of metals. Most of the metal caps are provided with rubber seals that increases their working efficiency. These are designed to withstand the high temperatures generated in car tire surfaces during race track driving. Therefore, they turn out to be a racetrack tire’s best friends and support the tire performance throughout the duration of the race.

Metal Screwdriver: The screwdriver design helps you to easily tighten or loosen the caps. The metal caps which have a hex head design ensure a long life for tire as well as itself. These designs also have the rubber washer or seals present in them, which prevent any form of air leakage from the tire.

A Note on Usage

It is not always enough to have purchased and installed a new set of tire valve stem caps for your car, you must be careful regarding the installation of the caps. In every case, finger thread the cap into position. Make sure there is no mismatched threading configuration by threading it at right angles to the surface of the tire.

Tire Valve Stem Caps

Tire Valve Stem Caps

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