What are the Signs a Vehicle Needs Brake Repair Service in Cedar Rapids IA?

by | May 15, 2020 | Automobile

When the brakes on a vehicle are no longer working properly, it can place the driver, other occupants and other drivers in danger. The brakes on a vehicle are the most important safety device. Unfortunately, brakes can begin to breakdown and no longer function properly. When this happens, the vehicle is no longer safe to drive. This is why drivers must be proactive and recognize the warning signs when their brakes are failing so they will know when to call for Brake repair service in Cedar Rapids IA.

• One of the first signs drivers notice is their brakes begin to scrub and grind when they are pressed. This occurs when the rotors are scrubbing against the exposed metal of the brake pads. Scrubbing means the brake pads are too thin, and can no longer provide stopping power correctly.
• When the brake peddle is depressed, it should feel strong under the foot. If the peddle goes all the way to the floor of the vehicle or has too much give, the vehicle needs to be checked. Driving a vehicle in this state can be dangerous, and should be avoided.
• Brake pads that are scrubbing will often cause a scrubbing sound. This can start out as a slight squeal, and will become increasingly louder as the brake pads become thinner. Squeaking brakes need to be replaced through Brake repair service in Cedar Rapids IA.
• Once a vehicle’s brakes are beginning to fail, it becomes more difficult to stop. If a driver notices their vehicle is taking more time to come to a complete stop, it is a good idea to have the brake pads, and rotors checked.

The lifespan of a pair of brakes depends on many factors. Brake pads decrease in thickness the more they are used. Most experts agree brakes can last between 30,000 to 70,000 miles, depending on the make of the car, the type of brake pads, and the driver.

If your brakes are giving you ominous warning signs, it is important to have them repaired. For more information, Click Here Milex Complete Auto Care will be happy to inspect your brakes so they can be properly repaired.

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