What is a collision repair shop?

A shop that does collision repair in Las Vegas NV; often simply referred to as a “body shop” is a facility that specializes in the repair and restoration of automobiles. Those that work in these types of shops are trained to repair the damage to the body of a car as well as the frame which is often distorted in a collision. Collision repair in Las Vegas NV can become quite complicated, especially with modern vehicles with sophisticated suspension, steering and braking systems. In many cases the cost of collision repair is covered by insurance.

Frame damage can be very serious, it is often relatively easy to repair panels that have been buckled due to a collision but repairing a distorted frame is often not as simple. When you are looking for collision repair shops and you find one that has all the necessary facilities to straighten and repair a damaged frame then you know you have found a high quality, specialized shop. Any damage to an automobile regardless of whether it is the body panels or the fame make the car unsightly, and in many cases; not roadworthy. This is of particular concern to anyone who is contemplating selling his or her car; the value will drop dramatically if it is not repaired right.

A shop that offers auto body collision repair differs considerably from a shop that offers mechanical repairs. The skills required to do one or the other are quite different, as is the tools and equipment. A general repair shop will focus on mechanical repairs of all types and will not attempt body repairs; the same is true for high end collision repair shops in Las Vegas, they do not offer mechanical repairs although if this type of work is needed as a result of the collision the body shop knows where to send the vehicle for mechanical repairs once the body and frame work has been completed.

A typical collision repair shop will be outfitted with welding and painting facilities and in many cases, lifts which will raise the vehicle off the ground allowing for work to be done on the chassis. The staff is specially trained; many of the skilled body mechanics have gone on to pursue specific certification. It is not unusual to find a body shop that focuses on a specific range of vehicles. Regardless of what vehicles the shop work on what is important is that work is done right, done fast and done efficiently,

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