What Is The Difference Between A Regular Used Car And A Certified Used Car?

For those considering the purchase of used cars in New Lenox, there are a couple of available options; certified or not. As a certified used car costs more perhaps an understanding of what the differences are is in order.

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is a reconditioned used car. The manufacturer puts the late-model used vehicle, five years old or less, through a tough inspection process, adds extended warranty and other perks and sells it at a premium to those looking for a high-quality used car. The actual inspection is done by a representative of the manufacturer, he does more or the less the same job as a dealer’s inspector but the representative has the authority to certify the car. The certified vehicle is given an extended warranty, if the vehicle is found deficient during the inspection procedure; the deficiency is rectified to bring it up to the standard needed for certification.

Certified used cars in New Lenox will be sold at a premium over the same cars not certified. The approximate price premium might be $1,000 for a mid size or small car. For this you get peace of mind, knowing that the inspection process unearthed all potential problems. In a sense, it is like having new car peace of mind at used car prices.

Many vehicles that carry the tag “Certified” are units that have come off lease. Every year, a couple of million cars are returned off lease and this volume of reasonably new and often well maintained cars gives the used car shopper many options. In today’s tight financial situation the Certified Used Car is becoming almost a third type of sale; New, Used and Certified.

A certified used car may satisfy you in all aspects, but because it is what it is, there may be a few accessories that were not originally in the car that you would like or it may have options that you would not otherwise opt for.

If you decide to pass on the warranties and the peace of mind of the in-depth inspection and stick with the basic used cars in New Lenox there are a few things that you should do before you buy. Get a lemon report on the vehicle; a detailed report of the cars’ history can be had by submitting the VIN, vehicle identification number to various agencies. Often dealers have a warranty that they can add to their used cars, and it may be worth your effort to investigate this as well.

If you are looking for used cars in New Lennox you will be pleasantly surprised at the large selection found at business name.

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