What Is The Difference Between Regular Used Cars And Certified Used Cars?

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Automobile

There are a couple of options available for the purchaser of a used car; certified or not. Certified used cars in Alsip cost more so an understanding of the differences may be in order.

Dealers call a reconditioned used car a “certified pre-owned vehicle.” The concept is actually quite simple, late model used cars are put through a rigorous inspection process, the car then has an extended warranty added as well as other perks, the car is then sold at a premium to those who want to buy a high quality used car. The inspection is conducted by a representative of the manufacturer, the work he does is similar to the work the dealers inspector does but the manufacturer’s representative can certify the car, the dealer rep cannot. If deficiencies are found during this extensive inspection they must be rectified, bring the car up to the required standard.

The certified used car will be sold for a premium price over the same car which is not certified. The price differential might be as much as $1,000 for a medium sized car. This is a little price to pay for the peace of mind that you know your car has been subjected to a rigorous inspection and all potential problems have been corrected. In a certain sense a certified pre-owned vehicle is like having a new car at a used car price.

Many certified used cars in Alsip are off-lease units that have been returned by the original lessee. Year in and year out about a million off-lease cars are returned, this volume of well maintained, reasonably new cars gives the used car buyer many options. With money being tight these certified used cars are fast becoming a third possibility for a buyer; new, used and now certified.

If you make the decision to pass on the warranty, the peace of mind of the rigorous inspection that you get when you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle and stay with regular used cars in Alsip there are a few things that you should do before you finally buy. Get a detailed report of the cars’ history; this can be had by submitting the vehicle identification number (VIN) to various agencies, one of which is AutoCheck. Often dealers have a limited warranty that they offer with their used cars, and it may be worth your effort to investigate this as well.

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