What Kinds of Stores Should Buy Wholesale Tires in Missouri?

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Automotive

There’s no need to be a tire store to buy Wholesale Tires in Missouri. Thanks to companies like bentire.com, it’s easy for any company to add tires to its existing offerings. For some companies, the decision to add tires will be easy. In the proper locations, however, tires can be a surprisingly good seller even for those that aren’t directly in the auto business. Here are some types of businesses and locations that should consider adding at least a selection of popular tire brands and sizes:

Stores in Travel Plazas

It can seem surprising to see a stack of tires for sale outside of a convenience store, but this is not unheard of at travel plazas and similar locations. People who are traveling often find that they need a tire, and will just grab one if the see it even when it’s for sale from a store that has nothing to do with cars or trucks. Very few people are equipped to put on their own tires, but the huge amount of traffic means that the store will eventually come across those who have what is required. Therefore, it’s a good idea for such stores to pick up some Wholesale Tires in Missouri in the most popular sizes. They will eventually sell and bring in some nice profit for doing practically nothing.


Auto repair shops are likely the most obvious small companies that can benefit from making tires available. People are already used to going to these shops to get their cars fixed, so it’s not a stretch to have the mechanic put on a set of new tires while he’s at it. By offering new tires, instead of just the occasional set of used ones, the garage can establish itself as a good source for this essential equipment.

Truck Stops

Truck stops often have repair services, and like mechanics, they have a ready supply of customers who can also use tires. Even better, truckers will not want to take the time to go shopping around. They’ll be glad to pick up a tire or two if they need them, and will likely pay a premium just so that they can get right back on the road.


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