What to Remember When Test Driving Your Car Rental in Covington, LA

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Autos

So you’re renting a car for your upcoming road trip. You’ve done your research and found a vehicle you like. You even went to the lot to give it a closer look. Now, all that’s left is to test drive it. If this is your first time taking a car for a test drive, then keep reading. This article details the proper way to perform a test drive. Not every vehicle is the same, especially rental cars, as different people use them. Making the most of the test drive helps you identify the car that can take you to your destination hassle- and worry-free.

Prepare a Checklist

It’s not enough that a car rental in Covington, LA looks to be in perfect condition. There are many components to check, and you should be able to identify which one has issues just by the sound and vibration the vehicle creates. Understandably, it takes years of experience to master the art of detecting mechanical problems through a test drive. So, as a first-timer, you should make a list of what to watch out for so you won’t miss anything. Include everything from the unusual sounds you hear and their possible causes to the changes in the car’s movement as you steer.

Park, Forward, and Reverse

To assess the car’s stability and alignment, try driving it in different ways. Park it midway down a sloped road, parallel to other vehicles, or next to a wall to feel how slowly or quickly you can steer. Next, drive on a straight path at a constant speed and see if the car pulls away independently. If it does, you’re dealing with an alignment issue. Also, find out how the car performs while in reverse. If it has a camera, make sure the image is to scale. You don’t want to bump into anything because the monitor is two feet off the mark.

Brake and Speed

Try going at least 50 miles as abruptly as you can and observe how long it takes the vehicle to speed up takes and how its body responds. Furthermore, make a quick stop but just quickly enough to avoid damaging the rotor. This way, you can gauge the brakes’ performance. It also helps to check how the car performs when accelerating to top speed. It will tell you how fast you can go. Try to decelerate, too, to know how much space you need to maintain behind another vehicle.

Cabin and Dashboard Check

Once you’re satisfied with the car’s performance, check the dashboard next. All buttons and warning lights must be working. The display must show information clearly. Don’t forget the in-suite entertainment system. You may need it more than you think, especially if you always go on long drives. Check the AC, too. Try different settings and see if the temperatures match. Finally, sit on every seat and feel its firmness. If you feel uncomfortable after only 10 minutes, check with the dealership if the seats can be adjusted or replaced.

Bring a Knowledgeable Friend

It’s always a good idea to have an extra pair of eyes when going for a test drive, especially if those eyes have examined many vehicles. Bring a friend who knows cars or hire a mechanic. They can confirm or refute the dealer’s claims about the vehicle on the spot. Let them sit beside you in the car but drive it yourself so you can get used to handling it.

Of course, the same principles apply when you are buying a car. But it’s highly crucial that you test drive your car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana because it’s important to use a vehicle that’s safe to drive and comfortable so you can enjoy your road trip. If you see signs that the rental car won’t last a few days on the road, choose another one straight away. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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