What You Should Know About Car Body Paint in Lawrence KS

While the paint job on a new car is made to be durable and to look good for many years, there will come a time when the owner will need to replace it entirely, or at least touch it up in some areas. Accidents are a common cause of damage that makes major paint jobs necessary for vehicles of any age. Perhaps an owner who has a mechanically sound, older car may want to have its worn-out paint totally replaced. Many years of sun, dirt and weather can cause fading, peeling, and rust. As such, the paint will need to be replaced to prevent more extensive and costly damage to the body. What do you need to know about Car Body Paint Lawrence KS services?

Many local areas have a variety of auto body shops to choose from, and all claim to do the best work for your vehicle. When a customer asks for quotes from these providers, there may be a wide range in prices. If the paint work is needed as a result of an accident, chances are that the owner’s insurance will cover the cost of the repair. Even so, one has to be careful to monitor the work to make sure that is done with the best materials, at the highest standards.

Not all car paint is made the same. For instance, the least expensive and easiest to apply paint is made of acrylic lacquer. But this paint is cheap and doesn’t last too long. Anyone can apply it, so a professional shop should not consider its use. It may save an owner in a pinch for a small paint job in order to prevent rust, but it will not look good. A step up that is more durable comes in the form of acrylic urethane. It costs a bit more than the lacquer, but it is very tough and can be used in several coats to add more longevity.

The best paint is an acrylic enamel, as it provides more than just a paint layer-;it actually sets up a hard, protective shell. It is difficult to work with and to apply properly, so its application should only be performed by Car Body Paint Lawrence KS professionals. It involved the placement of a smooth surface coat, followed by a topcoat.

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