When Searching For New Wheels in Wisconsin

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Vehicles

When you are choosing new Wheels in Wisconsin, it might get a bit overwhelming with all the options out there. Whether a vehicle is still brand new or it’s a few years old, make sure to note the wheel size that was factory installed. This is important because it is the size that is ideal for optimum driving in that vehicle. That doesn’t necessarily mean that wheels can never be switched. Many people decide to size up on the vehicle wheels, but it is typically best to go with only a “plus one.” In rare circumstances, people may even want to go up two inches in wheel size, which is commonly called a “plus two.”

That means a vehicle with 14 inch wheels factory installed would need to go no larger than a 15 inch or 16 inch wheel. Naturally, the change in wheel size will also impact the tire size. When wheels are changed out, it is almost always smart to change the tires out as well. This has a couple of benefits. First, you’ll know that the wheels and tires are properly sized to each other. Second, the wheels and tires will wear fairly evenly. There won’t be any need to keep track of multiple dates when tires and wheels were installed.

Many people choose wheels based upon appearance, but that isn’t necessarily the only consideration. Certain types of wheels are better suited for specific cars. Low profile tires and wheels are typically ideal for sports cars, but would not work very well for most Sport Utility Vehicles. This is a situation where you have to trust a professional tire and wheel provider for advice. Putting the wrong size tires and wheels on a vehicle can not only be unattractive, it can also be extremely dangerous. The wheels are the center of gravity for the entire vehicle, and when that center of gravity is compromised it will result in a very unsafe driving experience for you and your passengers. If you are in the market for the perfect new Wheels in Wisconsin, consider checking out the website for Business Name online or their Google+ page today!

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