When to Replace Your Brakes in Casper, WY

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Automotive

Ask any driver to list their biggest fears when they are behind the wheel of the car, and many will put failing brakes on the top of the list. A car is a dangerous thing when mishandled, but it is also dangerous when it doesn’t operate as it was designed to. Many drivers don’t know when they should have their Brakes Casper WY changed, but all need to have this information to remain safe while driving. This is especially important when you have a long daily commute or when you do a lot of stop and go driving, as brakes tend to go bad faster when this is the case.

When you hear a screeching noise as you go to hit the brakes, it is time to take your vehicle in for a brake service. The majority of vehicles now have built-in wear sensors which will scrape against your brake disc when they are worn down. This is the noise you are hearing. In some cases, this noise will be heard when you apply the brakes, but, in other vehicles, the noise is heard when you release the brakes. Other noises you may hear include grinding, squeaks, and squeals. Any time you hear a new noise in your car, it’s time to have it checked to determine where the problem lies. Click here for more details.

The same is true if the brake warning light comes on while you are driving. Typically, this means your vehicle is low on brake fluid, due to a leak or a master cylinder issue. Don’t add fluid and continue to drive, as doing so could be dangerous. Be sure you know the difference in the warning light for low brake fluid and the light which comes on when you put the parking brake on also.

Failure to change Brakes Casper WY, in a timely manner can lead to costly repairs or an accident. If you are worried about the current condition of your brakes, visit Doyle Johnson’s Inc to have them checked. When you request a complete brake service, the mechanics inspect every part of the brake system, including the brake lines and hoses, pads and drum. Rear brakes are cleaned and adjusted, and the mechanics diagnose what needs to be repaired, before making the necessary repairs and replacing any worn or damaged parts. Don’t put this repair off, because doing so could lead to deadly consequences.

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