Window Tinting Classes: Suggested Course Content

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Doors and Windows

Window tinting has several purposes. The tint film reduces the entry of heat into the inside of the car. It also can reduce glare, prevent fading of the car interior, and provide privacy. The tinting process involves applying a transparent sheet of film to the interior window of a vehicle. If you are interested in learning the process, you may find several resources providing window tinting classes.

Depending upon who offers the classes, you may find yourself spending anywhere from a few hours to several days learning the process. In order to select the best classes, carefully look at the course content before deciding whether to sign up.

Class Content

Window tinting classes should be complete in their class material. Otherwise, you will not be skilled for all situations. Information should contain both practical and theoretical components. This approach allows students to apply what they are learning in class. As a result, class course content would optimally contain the following material:

  • Keys to being a professional window tinter
  • The proper tools to use
  • Proper chemical and mounting solutions
  • Various types of window tint films
  • Tint film cutting and cleaning techniques
  • The two major types of shrinking techniques: Wet and dry
  • Cutting and installation methods for the various types of windows e.g., back, side, sun strips, and frameless
  • Door panel removal (auto tinting) and film cutting machines
  • Window tint laws – These often vary per state
  • Fading factors of film and what to do about them
  • How to safely and quickly remove window tint film

If you want to spot the best classes, they will also include:

  • Purchasing sources for film and supplies and how to get dealership buying power
  • How to handle extraordinary situations that you will encounter in the field
  • Optional tools
  • Common mistakes to watch out for
  • How to do pricing quotes
  • Provide hands-on experience

Classes in these subjects help to reduce the confusion arising from selecting the right film for a variety of purposes, including automotive, commercial, and safety.

Window Tinting Classes

For those who want to provide their present or future automotive customers with window tinting, classes are an excellent way to learn. While it is possible to discover how to do it on your own or through watching someone perform the tasks, classes and courses taught correctly give you hands-on experience. By learning how to tint windows from professional trainers, you can offer such services with greater confidence and credentials than if you are self-taught.

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