Audi Repair: What’s Better, Dealer Or Independent Repair Shop?

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Auto Repair

With less than exciting volumes of new car sales and shrinking margins, many dealerships are aggressively marketing that part of the business that is often unseen; repair and service. Dealers are bending over backwards, nationwide service, certified technicians and discounted parts are all part of a new advertising blitz designed to boost revenue. There are a lot of reasons why this is happening, chief among them is the fact that warranty work, which represented close to 70 percent of the service done by the dealer has shrunk to about 20 percent because cars are simply made better and as a result, last longer with fewer problems.

Dealer vs. Independent repair shops:

Certainly there are some advantages to having your Audi repaired at the dealer; the technicians are extremely intimate with the cars as Audi’s are the only cars they work on. The issue that most owners point to is the fact that dealership Audi repair in Chicago is all based on “flat rate” pricing. If the service manual states that the repair should take two hours then the labor charge is two times the labor rate charged. If the technician can repair the problem quicker, the customer pays the same and the dealership wins. As the dealers technicians are paid based on work completed, this can often result in cutting corners to earn more.

Independent shops that perform Audi repair in Chicago don’t work that way, they also charge a flat rate but due to lower overheads the rate is usually lower. As the technician is paid a salary rather than a commission on the work completed, he is under far less pressure to get the job done in a hurry; rarely, if ever, are corners cut. Independent repair shops know that their future is tied closely to customer satisfaction; they go out of their way to treat the customer and his vehicle with respect.

You will find that the service personnel are equally trained, the main independent Audi repair in Chicago employ technicians that are ASE certified and more than capable of performing whatever repairs or service that needs to be done on your Audi.

If you are the proud owner of an Audi you will want to have it repaired and serviced by technicians that know what they are doing. The best independent Audi repair in Chicago is from Chicago Motors Auto Service. Your Audi will be repaired right the first time. Visit them online at

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