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by | Jun 19, 2013 | Automotive

Many times people take their vehicle for granted. They drive it to all of the places that they need to go, but do not do the regular care and maintenance that is needed to keep it running smoothly. Often times the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere without any warning, simply because it has not been cared for properly. One issue you do not want to have just go out is the brakes. Luckily there is usually a warning with this issue, and an Auto Service Marana can take care of it before it becomes a major problem.

One of the first signs that the brakes could be going out is a squealing noise. The check engine light may or may not be on, but it is usually the sound of the brakes that alerts the driver to an issue. That sound has been put there to alert the drive that the brake pads are getting thin. Without the vehicle brakes, the car will not stop. Can you imagine driving on the highway and realizing that you cannot slow down or stop? Sounds like a scary accident waiting to happen. Anytime you hear a squealing noise coming from the tires or when pressing on the brakes, it is time to get the vehicle inspected. Always be safe, rather than sorry.

An auto service in Marana will check out the brakes, as well as the fluids. Sometimes the fluid may just need to be replaced. The auto repair service will replace the brake pads if needed, and make sure that the sound no longer happens. Once the brakes have been replaced, the driver can now feel secure that the car or truck will stop each and every time they need it to.

Brake pads are just one of those car parts that are not intended to last forever, and will need to be replaced for safety reasons. There is no way around it. The auto service can inspect the vehicle for other problems too. They can replace the windshield wiper blades if needed, refill the vehicle fluids, check the AC, and more. Visit website for more details!

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