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When your ride has suffered damage from a wreck or other collision your main concern may be how much or how long the repairs are going to take. Automobile accidents are so prevalent that we tend to overlook many of the distressing aspects until after we begin dealing with the end results. Our primary response is to contact the insurance company and this is often the correct action as many accidents result in extensive vehicle damage. There are times however when the damage is minimal and the parties may work things out between them.

The next step in recovering from an automotive accident is to have the damage correctly estimated by Lubbock TX Body Shops. Getting this estimate will help you decide on which auto body shop you should use to do the actual repairs. Your estimate should include the cost of the repair as well as how long those repairs should take. The cost estimate is useful for the insurance adjuster but the time estimate is useful for you. Not only will you know how long you will be without your favorite vehicle but you will also know how long a rental vehicle may be required. This information may prove useful when selecting the type of vehicle you need to lease. For example, if you are a family person and may be carrying other passengers you might want a mid-sized sedan but for the daily job commute you may want a simple and cost effective economy car.

It is recommended that you take your car or truck to at least three independent Lubbock TX Body Shops. This may seem excessive but it provides a baseline for price and time comparisons. You should also consider only using those shops which are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified. This certification shows the body shop’s technicians have taken a series of exams to test their knowledge in all aspects of automotive repair and lets you be sure they have at least two years of experience in the industry.

No matter which body shop you decide on your research and damage estimates will be invaluable in that decision. Make certain the shop can contact your insurance adjuster and that they are willing to keep you informed of all progress.

It is recommended that you take your car or truck to at least three independent Lubbock TX Body Shops. Visit us to know more at : Texasbody.com

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