Buying Used vs. Buying New Chevy From a Chevrolet Dealer

Many car buyers start the process with the used vs. new car decision. No matter which option a customer chooses, there are plenty of great vehicles available. The decision whether to buy a used vehicle or a new one depends on what a customer can afford and what will give them the most reassurance. Below are the pros and cons of used and new car purchases from a Chevrolet dealer in Bolingbrook.

Buying A New Car

For some, purchasing a used car is not an option-; only a new vehicle will do. Buying a new car gives the purchaser greater flexibility when choosing colors and options, and there’s something to be said for being the first owner of a vehicle. Other benefits include:

1. Lower maintenance costs. New cars, don’t need maintenance for a few thousand miles, and then it’s usually only a tune-up and an oil change. Many car makers cover the cost of routine maintenance, and most new vehicles don’t need batteries, tires, or brake repair during the first few years.

2. A good warranty. Car makers cover new vehicles for a minimum of three years, with some warranties lasting longer. Under the manufacturer warranty, it’s the dealer’s job to fix problems that come up. In addition to the warranty, many car makers cover the powertrain as well. Some powertrain warranties last up to 100,000 miles or ten years, whichever comes first.

3. Reassurance. If there are problems with a new car, the buyer has legal options through the State’s Lemon Law. If a buyer can prove that the new vehicle is a lemon, they can get a refund or another vehicle. Lemon Laws only cover new cars, and used car buyers can find out if their choice was returned to a Chevrolet dealer as a lemon by checking the vehicle’s history or its title.

4. Roadside help. Along with the warranty, most new cars and trucks come with free roadside assistance during the warranty period. Additionally, some car makers provide alternative transportation or reimbursement of travel expenses if a buyer is stranded away from home.

Choosing A Used Car

Although used vehicles don’t come with warranties as long as those on new vehicles, factory warranties are sometimes transferable. Manufacturers often offer longer warranties for certified pre-owned cars, or a buyer can purchase their own warranty.

When you want a Chevy in Bolingbrook, Hawk Chevrolet of Joliet is here to help. They have the inventory and expertise about the vehicles you love.

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