Why a Nissan Altima Is an Excellent Choice of a Vehicle in Geneva

You may want to consider buying a car from the Nissan dealership near Geneva if you’re currently looking for a midsize vehicle. The following are some of the features that might appeal to you and your family members the most:

Spacious Cabin

One aspect of the Nissan Altima that consumers love is the cabin space it has. The vehicle can seat up to five people inside of it, and it has 15.4 cubic feet of cargo space in the trunk, as well. You’ll appreciate having this model in your possession if you intend to travel and have your friends and family members in your vehicle.

Powerful Motor Options

The Altima has some powerful motor options, and its performance is excellent. The base model comes with a zippy 2.5-Liter motor that will provide you with 188 horsepower. Consumer reviews state that the model has very impressive pickup and feels light to them as they glide down the roads.

High Fuel-Efficiency

You’re on the right track if you’re looking for a vehicle with high fuel efficiency. The Altima has one of the highest fuel-efficiency numbers in the industry right now. You can get up to 28 miles on the city streets. If you’re a highway traveler, then you can enjoy up to 30 miles per gallon. That makes the Altima an excellent car for an everyday commuter or a vacation vehicle. Talk to someone at the Nissan dealership near Geneva for additional information on this model.

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