Checking Transmissions in Jefferson City MO Used Cars

Replacing a transmission can cost more than the whole value of some used cars checking transmissions in Jefferson City MO before you buy the car is a must. The obvious first checks is visual, remove the level dip stick and check the color of the transmission fluid, it should be pinkish or red. If it is not pink or red but is black or brown or has a burnt odor this can suggest the transmission is damaged and certainly neglected. To accurately test the transmission fluid the car must be hot so do your test drive first.

When the selector is shifted from Park to drive the transmission must be smooth and force the car to creep a little forward with no accelerator movement. If it kicks or clunks when put into drive it is worn. Go through each of the gears and see if they all engage smoothly. A test drive the car and see how it shifts, once again it should be smooth. During the test drive floor the car and force it to downshift, it should happen within a second or two. You can also take the car to about 30mph and jump on the brakes bringing the speed down to 5 mph rapidly and then floor the car, this test will show up any problems with the transmissions in Jefferson City MO.

After the driving test of the transmissions in Jefferson City MO check the fluid. Depending on the vehicle this test may have to be done with the engine running and on other the engine should be off, check the manual or ask the dealer. Look for the color and smell. If the test drive showed any irregularities or the fluid appears problematic, avoid the car.

A manual transmission is easier to check, the issue is usually the clutch. Before checking the fluid take the test drive, engage all the gears in their proper sequence and see if the transfer from one gear to the other is smooth with no grinding and no difficulty in engaging. To check the clutch to see if it is slipping stop the car and put it in 5th gear and then depress the clutch and push on the accelerator at the same time, the engine should stall. If the engine doesn’t stall that means the clutch is slipping and needs replacing. If you feel any vibrations when engaging the clutch this may be because the engine flywheel is warped. A manual transmission should feel smooth and effortless when changing gears. Check the fluid after the test drive but the results are not as meaningful as with an automatic transmission, the test will only show the level and the general condition of the fluid. The key element of a manual transmission test is the test drive.

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