What Are Camper Shells and How To Use Them

by | Sep 12, 2012 | Automotive

It’s wonderful how you’d pack up for a weekend vacation and start for the road early morning and go home revived, refreshed, and clear of mind. Some of the things that you may want to take along with you would be a broken-in, sturdy pair of hiking boots, a huge cooler with lots of drinks, and not to forget one of those durable Camper Shells especially when you go out to Mesa Verde in Colorado. Camper shells Mesa, these synthetic awnings are otherwise known as a cap or topper for your pickup trucks. Not only that, your shell will also serve as a durable cover or canopy for your truck whatnots that you may want to shield from dust, the sun, and moisture.

Most of the time, a topper consists of fiberglass or aluminum, and they are installed at the very top of a truck’s rear bed. For that matter, a good camper shell may even cover a whole truck bed as well. To bring out the best that these truck protective shells have to offer, here are some of the benefits why you should get one for your own use. First of all, Camper Shells, whenever you go to Mesa or other tourist destinations serve as containment for all of your camping gear. But as time passed, the protective paved its way to being used as a storage bin or utility. These shells are large enough to overlap the very top part of the truck, protecting it as well.

If you opt to buy one, consider that your topper or cap should be lightweight because it may take toll on your mileage and the overall performance of your truck; the lighter the shell, the better for your truck to carry it. Next, a camping topper should also be flexible and retractable at the same time. This allows for easy removal and installation if the situation calls for it. You may not want to bring a shell that’s all the more cumbersome than it is useful.

Don’t forget about a bigger space for other luggage and camping gear as well. First things first, roof and wall amenities will decide the volume limit of the shell. Remember that the bigger the topper, the more stuff it can hold. And try to make allowance for a spare wheel as well, and easier access to opening your tailgate.

Try to shop for a camping cover that has detachable curtains and tainted windows, you never know about the weather these days. Humidity and heat can take toll on your stuff if you don’t know how to protect them well away from the effects of natural elements. More importantly, remember that camping covers and toppers vary in material in which they are made from. Pick out the correct material, and that will depend on the climate or weather conditions from time to time in your locality or camping place. Take extra care not to damage your shell as it can be very pricey at times. When washing your cap, use a mild detergent to clean it, and try to avoid bleach and other corrosive cleaners. You may also want to preserve the color of your camping gear shell by air-drying it instead of wiping the material with a cloth.

Take care of your camper shells because it is quite expensive. Use only mild detergent when washing it. Abrasive cleaners may be damaging. This will also keep the color of your camper shell from fading fast. After washing, let it dry on its own instead of wiping it dry with a cloth. This prevents scratches.

Remember that a quality and long-lasting camping shell will give you many years of remarkable good protection for your camping gear so try and follow these tips on shopping and handling.

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