Collision Shop in New Jersey

Two years ago, on Halloween, I was broadsided by a truck. Thankfully, the truck hit me on the passenger side and there was no one else in the vehicle. Although I came out with a few scrapes and bruises, I suffered only minor injuries but my car was totaled. It looked like a complete wreck, and so was I when I considered how much money it was going to cost me to fix it.

As a New Jersey native, I wanted to make sure I was taking my car to the right place. I needed to know that the collision shop I took my car to was honest, and that they would do a good job, the right job, the first time so that I did not have to take it back for further repairs. After asking my friends for recommendations, the unanimous choice was Northeast Collision, a place I used to drive by on my way home from work every day but never thought anything of them until after my accident. Now I consider Northeast Collision my go-to place for collision damage and repairs.

Accidents happen. When they happen to you, your first concern is your safety and that of your family. After that, it’s down to business. You can’t drive your car until you take it to a collision shop for repairs so you can get your car back in working order. A collision shop should be able to get your car in road safe working order, addressing the major concerns first and then offering you the opportunity to fix the more cosmetic problems later on if your insurance does not cover everything. Finding a collision shop in New Jersey that can walk you through the painful process of car repairs and insurance coverage is as easy as calling Northeast Collision. Make sure you do check with your insurance company to find out what is covered, and Northeast can take care of the rest.

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