Conversion for Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas

Most drivers of Dodge Ram Mega or Quad Cab truck models have sacrificed truck bed space for more leg room and comfort. They drive in style, with plenty of room in the cab, but have less space and less towing capacity. It is a trade-off that does not always work out as well as expected. At some point, bed space, capacity, and power are needed or wanted. One option is to trade-in the Mega cab for a long bed truck model. That will not be easy for big or tall drivers, or those who have gotten used to the style and look of the cab. Most will not want to part with their Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas.

There is another option that will allow drivers to keep their Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas, or their Ram Laramie Longhorn or the Dodge Cummins Diesel. There is a patent pending process that is used to convert any model of Dodge Ram Mega or Quad cab truck into a long bed truck. Basically, the professionals at Precision Bodyline take a long bed and merge it with a Mega cab to provide all the style and comfort, along with the power and capacity of a long bed. Custom fabricated steel segments, engineered and assembled by professional welders, are used to extend the frame. The structural integrity and security are stronger than the stock frames and the conversion includes a lifetime warranty on all the extension work.

The process on the Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas, or any other conversion, only affects the frame and the rear drive line, so the manufacturer’s warranty on all other parts remains intact. The process takes three days, so a conversion can be done with a diverted route or a vacation to North Salt lake Utah. If that is not possible, there is mobile Mega Cab Long Bed Conversion service available anywhere in the United States. Other custom body work, lifts, lowering kits, and fender flares are also available. Have the truck desired with no compromises by having the style of an extended cab and the convenience and power of a long bed.

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