The Insurance Estimates Are a Flexible “Guess” of Auto Body in Berryville, VA Costs

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Automotive

The local body shop can do some amazing work, and most major insurance companies work with some reputable shops. But, they do not necessarily want to pay for the work. They do it because it is their business, but they may try to hold back on paying additional amounts if at all possible. That leads many customers down a rabbit hole. The amount an insurance company estimates is only the beginning, and it is only a presumption. A local shop such as CARSTAR can get the work done without charging the customer anything extra.

The following scenario is all too common. An insurance company provides a basic estimate of the costs of the repairs, but they are worried that the actual repair may cost more. They supply the costs to the auto body shop and the work begins. After a few days, the shop says the numbers are way off and the problems begin.

All of this can be avoided by working with an auto body in Berryville VA, shop that has a track record of collaboration with insurance companies. Truthfully, the agency is offering a conservative estimate of the costs. But, there may be hidden damage that only comes to light when the repair begins. Damage could occur underneath the chassis or some connection within the vehicle is damaged without offering a symptom. The costs are designed to be flexible. They are never set in stone, despite what the insurance company may say on the phone. The best feeling in a shop repair is picking up the vehicle and realizing the costs were twice as much, but the repairs are done anyway, and the customer leaves with a clean bill.

The all-important thing to remember is that the Auto Body in Berryville VA, shop will handle everything. If there is a cost discrepancy, the shop will handle it. If there is an issue with the insurance company, the shop will work with them to get the job done. Both parties want it to be fair, and they work together. The best thing a customer can do is to work with a local body shop that collaborates fairly with insurance companies.

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