Do You Prefer Brand New Or Pre-Owned When Buying A New Automobile?

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Automotive

There is a certain semi-tangible something about being the first person to drive away a brand new vehicle. The fresh smell of the upholstery and interior trim are, possibly, the best part. For some; this can be a better experience than the general feel of driving a car that has previously done no more than test and delivery mileage so all parts should be in optimum working order.

Keep that thought in mind and, then, imagine that you are driving away from a second car lot in a 3 year old vehicle. Maybe the previous owner(s) smoked cigarettes in the vehicle; maybe they carried pet dogs around in it; maybe they had kids who ate candies and got nauseous; etc, etc – the freshness simply is not there. This is in addition to any generalized wear and tear or accidental damage that the car may have suffered in its past.

But You Will Have Spent Less Money

Obviously, the main attraction of second hand vehicles is that they are cheaper than brand new ones. For many people; this fact outweighs the less attractive aspects.

Getting The Best Buy

Most new cars start to depreciate in price the second that their new owners take delivery of them. The best buys in the second hand market will be those cars that are being offered for sale very shortly after they had first been sold. Obviously, there are not too many of these on offer.

Finding It

A direct deal between the car’s current owner and the potential new owner should allow knowledgeable buyers to get what they want and provide more value to the seller. However, the search to put the right buyer in front of the right seller can be long and tedious.

Because of this; the majority of transactions involve a middleman who buys the car; advertizes it for sale and eventually sells it to another owner. Some of these used car dealers are best described as being “unscrupulous” and you would probably be better advised to avoid them. While you may pay a higher price; you will usually get better value for your money if you use a recognized distributer for new cars of the make that you are most interested in.

These dealers regularly buy older cars as trade-ins; many will then thoroughly overhaul the vehicle and sell it as “certified pre-owned”.

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