Five Ways to Save When it’s Time to Buy Auto Parts in Chicago IL

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Autos

Whether a car is bought used or new, it is important to maintain it by using top-quality replacement parts. For certain repair jobs, it’s appropriate to buy from a dealer; for others, it’s better to buy from a used parts supplier. However, those who Buy Auto Parts in Chicago IL know that common parts can be found for less at local warehouses. Below are five items that can be bought on the aftermarket without giving up reliability or quality.


For some automobiles, replacement batteries from the dealer can cost double what a comparable model from a parts store would cost. Although there are many battery brands available, most of them are made by just a few manufacturers. These battery makers produce high-quality batteries that work every bit as well as those bought from the dealership.

Motor Oil

Some dealers offer oil that’s labeled with a particular manufacturer’s logo. Car makers don’t make oil; they buy it from a common supplier, add their logo and charge a premium price. As long as the oil chosen meets the owner’s manual specs for a car, the driver will get the same oil life and performance as costly dealer brands.


Light bulbs go out often, and replacements from the dealer are expensive. A simple halogen bulb can cost up to $50, while a xenon bulb can be hundreds of dollars. Dealers’ prices can be several times the cost of a comparable product found at Frank’s West Side Auto Parts Inc.


Tire sellers and dealers often sell the same tires, except that dealers typically only carry the expensive brands with high profit margins. Whether a driver is looking for an expensive brand or a more reasonably priced one, they should get some price quotes from a variety of vendors. In some instances, a driver can save hundreds on the exact model of tires they’re looking for.

Car Covers

When it’s hot or inclement outside, it’s a wise choice to cover a car for its protection. Car dealers often sell covers that are custom made for particular models, and these come with fancy embroidered logos. However, the fancy touches don’t add any protection for the car. Drivers can find quality covers online or they can Buy Auto Parts in Chicago IL for a fraction of the price. Click here to know more.

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