Finding Trucks and Cars for Sale in West Bend, WI

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Automotive

Part of the fun of shopping for Cars For Sale in West Bend, WI is the excitement you feel when you find the perfect vehicle. Truck shoppers have many options in cab and bed size, interior and exterior styling and much more. However, most pickup truck drivers have a job to do, and are looking for a truck that can help them get it done. Below you will find tips that will help you find the perfect truck for work or play.

Decide on Bed Length

One of the most important characteristics of a truck is the length of its bed. Most New Trucks are in the ‘short bed’ or ‘long bed’ category, but actual length can vary depending on manufacturer, cab size and model. Unless you’re using a truck explicitly for commercial purposes, a short bed will likely be enough; most fall into the 5-7′ range. Long beds also vary in length, but generally measure more than 7 feet even on smaller trucks. On a full-size truck, 8′ is a common length – perfect for hauling plywood or drywall. Visit their site


Another way to differentiate one new truck from another is the side styling. Manufacturers use different marketing terms, but all boil down to two main side styles. Most of today’s trucks have parallel side panels from the front to the back. This is commonly known as ‘style-side’, and the styling can add slightly more cargo room and fuel mileage.
The other type of side styling for trucks is the flare-side, sport-side or step side. In this type of styling, the side panels of the truck wrap around the wheel wells, creating a small step on one side or both sides of the rear wheels. The flare-side style has some slight disadvantages, but it si popular among style-savvy truck shoppers.

Bed Liners

Now that you have decided on your new truck’s bed style and length, you have another decision to make: a drop-in or spray-on bed liner. There are many choices available, from either your dealer or an after market vendor, as well as many other accessories that help make your truck even more useful.

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