The Most Common Transmission Issues for your Car

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Automotive

Your care is dependant on its transmission to provide the power your engine needs to function. There are many issues that will contribute to the need for Transmission Repair Dunedin FL car owners depend on to keep their cars on the road. Here are some of the most common causes for the need of transmission repairs.

Transmission Fluid

Your car requires transmission fluid to keep your transmission running properly. Transmission fluid leaks can lead to serious issues for your transmission and can lead to further Transmission Repair Dunedin FL car owners require if not caught quickly. Old transmission fluid can also lead to issues as small particles of metal tend to build up in the fluid which can cause further damage as well. If you find you are experiencing gear slippage or your shifting is slow you should have it checked as soon as possible. You may require repairs to the leaks or to change your transmission fluid.

Damaged Torque Converter

Worn or damaged needle bearings can lead to issues with your transmission. If you hear a grinding or brushing sound while you are in gear you may have a damaged torque converter. You should get this checked as soon as possible as this can lead to more costly transmission repairs Dunedin, FL drivers require due to transmission failure.

Solenoid Damage

Insufficient fluid levels as well as electronic problems can lead to damage of the solenoids used to control the proper flow of fluids to your transmission. You will experience the same issues for solenoid damage as you would for fluid issues such as gear slippage and slow shifting. Usually when your mechanic does not find a fluid leak with these symptoms it turns out to be solenoid damage.

Jammed Clutch

The clutch is located in the torque converter and can become jammed which has a domino affect by blocking the solenoids which in turn causes issues with the amount of fluid in the torque converter. Signs your clutch is jammed include violent shaking and a decrease in engine power.

Your transmission plays a key role in the function of your car. When you experience any of these symptoms it is important you seek out the transmission repairs Dunedin FL drivers require to keep their cars running smoothly.

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