Got a Broken Car Window? Here’s How to Handle It Until You Get It Fixed

When you have a broken car window, protecting the damaged area until you can get new auto glass in Chicago is a crucial step. Whether your car was damaged by vandals or in an accident, you should know what to do before getting help.

Prepare to Handle Glass Safely

Be sure to wear heavy work gloves when handling broken glass. Put the pieces in a container or bag, as it makes it easier to recycle or dispose of the material.

Remove the Glass

Begin by removing the largest pieces of glass. Once you’ve picked up all the fallen pieces, gently remove those that are still stuck to the car. Next, use a heavy-duty vacuum to remove small shards from the window frame, the seal, and the rest of the vehicle.

Clean and Prep the Window Area

Now, you’ll need to prepare the adjacent surfaces for proper adhesion. Be sure to remove buildup, dust, and dirt, so the temporary covering will stick. Use a moist cloth to clean the car’s frame and the weather stripping on each side. Let the area dry for a short time before positioning and securing the plastic covering.

Add Another Layer

If you’ve got a few days before your new auto glass in Chicago is to be installed, consider adding another layer of plastic to the outside of the vehicle. Repeat the above steps with more plastic on the outer part of the door frame.

Safety Issues

Once you have covered a window, your field of vision will decrease. Until you get the window replaced, limit driving or drive with extreme care. Don’t use opaque or dark materials to cover a window, and never try to cover a smashed windshield.

The steps described above provide only a temporary fix for a broken window. The best thing to do is to request a prompt replacement. Call Frank’s Auto Glass Repair Chicago or visit us online to schedule service.

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