How Experts Remove Dents in Your Car

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Auto Repair Shop

If you have a vehicle, it’s likely you’ve had to deal with a dent or two since you’ve acquired it. You may have a dent now and be considering whether to seek out a specialist in dent removal in Phoenix, AZ. While there are DIY options for dental removal, these techniques don’t always work and can sometimes make the issue even worse. We’ll look at the ways in which a professional will remove dents in your car.

Preparation Steps

The first thing that will happen during dent removal in Phoenix, AZ is inspecting your vehicle. The technician will clean up the dent so they can determine exactly how severe the damage is. Based on what is determined, the technician will decide whether it’s a better option economically to replace the dented area or to fix the dent itself. There are a few things considered during this process.

Deciding Whether to Fix the Dent or Replace the Part

The first thing that is considered is how badly the dent is kinked. If the dent is severe and has kinks that bend at an angle of more than 90 degrees, it might be better to replace the part. The technician will also take into account how long the dent removal will take. As there is a cost for the labor, a dent that will take significant time to remove may not be worth working with. Sometimes the part and labor to replace it may be less. Also considered is whether a replacement is even an option, as some replacement parts may be nearly impossible to find.

How Dent Removal Works

There are numerous options for removing a dent and the one chosen by your technician may vary. For instance, some dents may be easily removed using a tool called a dent pulled. Sometimes pliers can be used to pull the edges out to resolve the dent. In other cases, a stud welder or hammer and dolly may be used. There are other options and the severity of your dent will determine the right choice.

What really matters when it comes to dents is that you are satisfied with the results. At Dynasty Collision, we’ll work with you to determine what the best course of action is. If you have a dent that you would like removed, you can learn more by visiting

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