Little Known Facts about Buying a Used Audi in Phoenix AZ

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Autos

Some people think that purchasing a used vehicle is the same as being a “cheapskate,” but we tend to believe that purchasing a used Audi from a dealership like us here at Santa Fe Auto Group is a sign that you treasure the value of your hard earned dollars. After all, many used vehicles today are in great condition, they do not suffer the same level of depreciation, and they provide you with a far greater selection of vehicles to purchase.

With that said, we still think that there are a lot of misconceptions about purchasing a used vehicle, particularly a luxury vehicle like a used Audi in Phoenix AZ. We are going to clear that up today by sharing a few little-known facts about purchasing pre-owned cars, starting with:

Your Used Audi Is Better Than Most New Cars on the Road

Yes, technology continues to change and evolve which may make new vehicles seem more enticing to purchase. However, there are still some things which you just will not get from a brand new economy vehicle or a sedan. Audis and other used luxury vehicles which we sell here at the Santa Fe Auto Group were built to a high standard of quality and luxury. Because of this, many things which your used Audi will be outfitted with will still perform better than newer vehicles.

How a Vehicle Is Certified Will Differ From Dealership to Dealership

Most used vehicles are sold as being “certified.” This means that a professional mechanic like one of ours has checked the car to ensure that it is in good working condition, or that the dealership has made any repairs necessary to make the vehicle operable.

While this is the basic understanding of what a “certified” used vehicle is, it is important that you ask the dealership for the paperwork which details what was checked and what was repaired. This will give you an idea of how thorough the mechanic was when inspecting the vehicle.

Do not hesitate to have your own mechanic assess the vehicle. Our on-site mechanics are reputable and take their jobs seriously, but we still invite interested used car buyers to have their own trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle.

Used Luxury Vehicles Are Less Expensive Than You Think

Brand new luxury vehicles face a depreciation of as much as 40% (or even more depending on the car) as soon as you drive it off the lot. Used Audis, however, face little to no depreciation and are significantly less expensive to purchase than a new vehicle. In fact, a used luxury vehicle’s price tag may be comparable to non-luxury vehicles, such as a Honda Accord or Toyota Prius. We at Scottsdale Auto Group are also very open to negotiating the price of all of our used vehicles. Visit us today to check out our latest inventory here in Phoenix!

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