Looking for a Quality Used Volkswagen; Find One in Plainfield

Cars manufactured during the last decade are far superior to those manufactured years ago. A combination of new materials, new technology, and new manufacturing techniques ensures that they last for many years. As a wise car shopper in Plainfield, buying a used Volkswagen can save you money. As well as saving money, there are other good reasons to consider buying a used car.

Minimize the Amount Lost to Depreciation

During the first year of ownership, a new car loses about 30 percent of its initial value to depreciation. By the car is five years old, it has lost at least 50 percent of its value. Although it may be difficult to find the exact used car model that you want that is only one year old, it is relatively easy to find an excellent value used a car that is two or three years old. With the average age of cars on US highways today being almost 12 years, you can see how buying a used Volkswagen makes a great deal of sense.

Pay Less for Insurance

A definitive factor in determining the cost of car insurance is the value of it. As a used car has less value than a new model, the cost of insurance is correspondingly less. As the car ages, dropping collision and theft coverage from the policy means even greater savings. Not only will you save money on insurance, but you may also save money or registration fees as they too are often based on the price you paid for the car.

More Car for the Money

A brand new, high spec car may be out of the question, but a two or three-year-old model may not be. Automobile manufacturers are not undertaking radical redesign as they once did, today, a three-year-old car looks little different from a brand new model.

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