Myths About Auto Batteries

Auto batteries are crucial to the performance of a car, and this is true whether you are driving a super efficient hybrid or a giant SUV. That is why you need to know what is true and what is not true about your car’s battery. Let’s take some time to learn what the experts over at Popular Mechanics want consumers and owners to know about auto batteries and some of the most problematic myths associated with them.

Myth: Batteries Do Not Last at Least Six Years

Fact: If you want to purchase a quality battery, it should have at least a three-year warranty. However, you should expect your auto batteries to give you at least six good years before they need to be replaced. While you may shorten the life span by forcing the battery to fully discharge more often than normal, you can also make a point of ensuring that all electronics are off when you are no longer driving.

Myth: Most Batteries Do Not Give Adequate Warning of Failure

Fact: Many vehicle owners complain that they find themselves in the unwelcome position of seeking out a new battery because the current one has ceased to function. This is common enough, but it shouldn’t be. That is because most batteries actually give out some obvious signs that their useful lives are ending. One of the most common is that the car seems much slower to “crank” or turn the engine when you are starting it. Additionally, a lot of electronics may act up, such as door locks failing to work or interior lights fading out.

Of course, the big sign is the warning light indicating battery problems. To avoid costly mistakes or difficulty in getting the car back to normal, do a bit of research ahead of time and have a new brand and provider chosen ahead of time.

Myth: The Weather Does Not Matter

Fact: If you are a full-time resident of the Lincoln Park or Detroit area, you know that winter weather can be a problem. It makes driving difficult, but it can also cause auto batteries to struggle. This is why you want to choose a battery with a higher CCA or cold cranking amp, but also consider investing in a battery heater if your vehicle is not garaged.

These are some common myths about batteries that had to be debunked. If you have concerns or questions about other myths, contact the team at Business Name to get the answers. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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