Many New Yorkers Who Rent A Truck Find Moving Easy and Affordable

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Moving can be difficult and time-consuming, but there are always ways of making the process easier. While some people prefer to have professionals handle all the details, relocating with the assistance of a suitable vehicle can be more affordable and nearly as convenient. Rent A Truck from a company like C.C. Rental and a good fit for any situation can easily be achieved.

Moving Trucks Make It Easy to Transport an Entire Household of Possessions

Pickup trucks and vans will sometimes be sufficient for the kinds of small-scale moves that students and similarly situated people might contemplate. When a more-established person or family needs to move, however, having access to a significantly larger vehicle will often be desirable.

Among those who Rent A Truck for such projects, two standard options most often stand out. Box-style trucks with large cargo compartments remain accessible and easy to drive even for those with no previous experience. At the same time, the carrying capacity of these vehicles means that it will often be possible to move everything a person or family owns in one trip. Each of the two sizes tends to suit particular projects fairly well, with these choices being:

  • 14 foot.
  • Moving trucks with cargo compartments 14 feet long are impressively spacious but still straightforward to drive. A 14-foot cargo box will typically cover nearly 800 cubic feet of space, an amount comparable to what might be held in a ten-foot-square storage unit. This positions such trucks to handle complete moves of just about everything that might be found in the average one-bedroom apartment. When two trips are acceptable, a 14-foot moving truck can be a good choice for a larger apartment or even a relatively small home.
  • 20 foot.
  • The longer cargo compartment of a 20-foot moving truck means that it covers nearly 50 percent more volume than a smaller, common size box-style vehicle. A 20-foot moving truck will normally be able to accommodate all the possessions in a two-bedroom apartment and do the same for many smaller homes.

Easy to Load, Drive, and Work With

Despite being able to transport such significant amounts of cargo, these trucks remain within the abilities of most drivers to handle. They can also be rented at affordable rates from providers in New York City. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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