New Windshield in Saint Paul, MN or a Quick Patch-up: How Do Car Owners Know?

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Windshields and Glass

Structurally, a windshield consists of more than just a thick pane of glass. The actual windshield is a plastic laminate that exists between two glass panes. The glass panes are present on the outside, and the center laminate holds the two separate panes together (they are not connected, even at the edges).

A nick or crack in the glass does not mean the whole glass needs to be replaced, despite what many may say. Though a new windshield in Saint Paul, MN is always preferred, it may not always work with the current monthly budget. If the crack can be easily felt by quickly rubbing a finger across it, it probably needs to be replaced entirely. If the groove is subtle, there is another option. Experts will actually coat the crack or nick in a plastic resin. The resin will cure, which takes about a day, and will fill in that space. If the damage is too extensive, the resin will not be enough.

Many may ask, why is this so? Windshields are about the full integrity of the pane. If there is a small lack in integrity anywhere in the glass, it could shatter far more easily. If the crack is extensive, it cannot be filled with a simple resin. This is because the glass pane will be too weak, for the resin is not powerful enough to meet the standards of a full glass. Also, the plastic resin in the middle may be exposed. If the crack gets too far into the pane, and the resin fills it in, there is a subtle gap in the frame. It is simply not enough to rival the likes of a full glass pane, and it could be a road safety hazard. More often than not, deep nicks and abrasive cuts off the glass will not be repaired. It will require a replacement.

The damage cannot block a driver’s view, particularly in inspection states. If the damage does block the driver’s view, the resin will not be used. Visit a website to learn a whole lot more about salvaging a windshield or finding a new windshield in Saint Paul, MN that is affordable and perfect.

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