Should the Fluid be Changed, or Does the Car Need Transmission Repair in Montgomery TX?

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Automotive

Regular transmission fluid changes are necessary though the frequency of such service varies by vehicle and manufacturer. Most manufacturers don’t call for new fluid until the car reaches its 100,000 mile mark, but many mechanics say that fluid should be changed at 50,000 mile intervals. A manual transmission may be put on a different fluid change schedule, and it’s best to follow the schedule set forth in the car’s owner’s manual.

Why Does Transmission Fluid Need Changing?

Like other fluids in an automobile, transmission fluid breaks down over time. Severe use, such as stop-and-go traffic, heavy loads and trailer towing will make the fluid break down faster. Hard driving raises the transmission’s operating temperature, and the heat puts more strain on the fluid, which makes shifting more difficult.

Driving Under Stress

If a person does a significant amount of high-stress driving, they should bring their car in for a transmission fluid check frequently. Transmission fluid is usually red, but it does come in other colors; as it degrades, it darkens. The fluid may take on a burned smell when it needs changing, and the smell can also indicate an upcoming need for Transmission Repair Montgomery TX.

Getting a Transmission Flush

When a vehicle is taken in for routine maintenance, the facility may encourage the owner to get a transmission fluid flush. Even if the fluid is darker than normal, it may not need changing. Refer to the recommended maintenance schedule, visit website, and go by the manufacturer’s recommendation. Delaying a fluid flush may give the owner enough time to compare services and prices to get the best deal.

If the fluid has never been changed and there are more than 100,000 miles on the clock, should it be changed promptly? There’s much debate on this subject. Some shops suggest leaving well enough alone, as long as there aren’t any issues with shifting. Anecdotal evidence sometimes suggests that flushing the fluid can cause an old transmission to fail, but that may not be the case. If the owner plans to keep the vehicle a while, fresh fluid may not be a bad idea, but in cases of slipping gears and rough shifting, more extensive Transmission Repair Montgomery TX may be in order. You should contact Discount Brake & Auto Repair in Montgomery TX for more information.

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