Paint and Paintless Service from a Body Shop in Stephens City VA

When people experience body damage to their vehicles, they may not always know to proceed with getting the blemishes fixed. Some types of body damage may require extensive fixes. These are commonly handled by auto body shops. There may be several corrective measures taken to get vehicles back looking their best.

Sometimes replacement parts and paint are required which can take days or even weeks to complete. In other cases, people may have a dent or several dents. Depending on where the dents are located, a body shop might be able to complete a dent repair service in one day using a method referred to as paintless dent repair or PDR.

Some insurance policies cover the costs of auto body repair. Generally speaking, if you have comprehensive auto insurance, most of the damages to the body of your vehicle will be covered. Keep in mind that your vehicle does not necessarily have to sustain damages as a result of a collision or incident involving another vehicle. You may experience a side panel dent as a result of an unattended grocery cart slamming into the side of your car. You could also experience a damaged hood as a result of a hail storm. auto body shop in Stephens City VA is a good resource to use when you have these types of damages. They can even help you file a claim with your insurance company.

You may opt to get several quotes before you choose a body shop in Stephens City VA. Ensure you understand what the quotes you receive will cover. Try to get written quotes, and ask for samples of previous work. You do not have to worry about paint matching if a PDR is performed. However, if your vehicle will need replacement parts and paint, matching the paint is very important. Even a slight paint mismatch can make it evident to others that your vehicle has had auto body work. You also want to ensure that the company you choose can put in replacement parts in a seamless manner. This requires precision when aligning the new parts with the body of your vehicle.

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