Tips on How to Maintain Snow Tires

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Tires

Winter is one season that gives drivers a hectic time on the roads due to the slippery and dangerous nature of the roads. Though many people strive to install snow tires before this season arrives, the effectiveness of the tires is not realized fully due to a number of reasons. The following are the simple tips and tricks that will be useful when winter sets in.

Best Storage for Winter Tires

Store winter tires in a cool and dry place free from moisture. The garage or basement would do really well in this case. Each tire should be wrapped in the tire storage bags before stacking them. This protects the tire rubber from drying up and eventually cracking. For absolute safety, the tires should be kept far away from welders and electric motors.

Tire pressure

Standard tire pressure is crucial to handling and steering. The pressure should be checked at least once each month if the tire valves have not frozen yet. Each vehicle has a specific tire pressure level at which it should be set. This can be found in the console bin or the glove compartment.

Ideal Placement of Winter Tires

Most winter tires are meant for four-wheel-drive vehicles. When used on a front-wheel-drive, the vehicle becomes unstable and toppling becomes easy. For rear-wheel-drive vehicles, winter tires are placed at the front for great steering, braking and maximum performance.

Tread Depth

The ideal tread depth for snow tires should be 4.8 millimeters. This is enough to help the driver overcome any kind of winter-related hardships on the road. This depth will also last for the entire season without any need to replace the tires.

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