Reasons to Schedule a Test Drive of the Subaru Crosstrek in Walnut Creek

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Auto Repair

The Subaru Crosstrek is a subcompact SUV that many people hold in high regard in the automotive world. You may want to schedule a test drive of this model at your local dealership the next time you visit. Here’s why.

High Reliability

The Crosstrek has one of the highest reliability scores in the industry with 3.5 out of five points. Reliability scores reflect the amount of flawless driving you should expect to get from the vehicle. A 3.5 is an above-average score, so you can probably count on owning this vehicle for a long time to come.

Large Collection of Safety Features

The Crosstrek has a high safety score as well, and it received that score because of its extensive lineup of safety features. You’ll have features such as traction control, electronic stability control and child safety locks. Child safety locks prevent children from unlocking the doors while the vehicle is in motion. Traction control is a special feature that keeps your wheels virtually stuck to the ground. Electronic stability control is a system that makes sure you stay in control while handling the car. All of these features work together for an amazingly smooth driving experience. The assortment of safety features for the Crosstrek is much more extensive than this, but this sampling gives you an idea of what to expect.

Stellar Performance

Performance is another reason for you to consider investing in a Subaru Crosstrek in Walnut Creek, CA. This model is a powerful option that will deliver up to 152 horsepower. Its motor is quite robust, but it’s also highly fuel efficient.

With these stellar features, you have good reason to invest in the Subaru Crosstrek in Walnut Creek, CA. It’s up to you to make the next move and schedule a test drive. Sales reps are waiting to assist you when you’re ready.

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