Restore Your Dashpads And Door Panels The Right Way

The inside of your car is where the entire experience happens. Whether it is colored in three shades of red, black, or blue, the quality of your interior will speak volumes in regard to how serious you are when it comes to your car. More importantly, a discriminating restoration will demand the interior look exactly original and new. Most Mopars have led a rough life and have worn Mopar Door Panels, cracked dashes, and broken plastic and trim to prove it. Oftentimes locating N.O.S. or great reproduction items to sustain that factory new appearance is challenging, to say the least.

Many door panels can be altered

However, there is good news. Dante’s Mopar Parts offers all new reproduction parts. It includes vinyl door panels, dash pads, plastic, headrests, and many interior parts. New material utilized for the restorations is formulated using modern-day UV inhibitors which permit the vinyl to last a lot longer in the sunlight. If your muscle car possess the more unique molded door panels, like the ones discovered on early 1970s Mopar E-Bodies, they may be restored, too using Dante’s reproduction parts. Or if you’re considering converting the vehicle to factory power windows, most Mopar Door Panels may be altered to accept a power window switch without having to reveal the prior crank window hole. For a few cars, the gauges and instrument panels can be restored to a better-than-factory appearance.

Still a popular choice among buyers

After ‘72 the E-body fell victim to the exact same pressures which ended additional runs of muscle cars. The fuel/insurance/emissions crisis meant the end of those big-block cars, as well as the over-achieving 340 also went by the wayside. Though the 1973 and 1974 models did not possess the performance of earlier vehicles, they still possessed the inherent Barracuda/Challenger good looks, as well as remained a popular option amongst buyers.

‘Cuda, Challenger, Dart, Charger and Road Runner – those names and more are legends within the muscle car world in America. And with good reason: Mopar within the 1960s and 1970s contributed more to our Super Car movement than any additional manufacturer. The amount of performance models generated through the Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge divisions was phenomenal, and is amongst of the primary reasons that Mopars have shown to have an enduring legacy over time. Popular they might be, yet with so many models it may get a little confusing attempting to decide what nameplate belongs to what platform family, and thereby shares a number of accessories and parts. But don’t panic – we are here to help.

For more information on our Mopar Door Panels, contact Dante’s Mopar Parts today at (609) 332-4194.

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