Signs A Driver Needs Auto Transmission Repair In Forest Lake MN

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Automotive

In order for a car with an automatic transmission to switch gears when necessary, the transmission needs to be functioning properly. The transmission is a part of the car that can be very expensive to replace if it is not repaired in time. In order for the vehicle to stay on the road and if the driver wants to avoid an expensive breakdown, they should be able to recognize the signs that they need auto transmission repair in Forest Lake MN.

Problems With Shifting Gears

If the vehicle is having gear trouble such as hesitation when putting it into gear, if it falls out of gear while it is being driven, if the gears start shifting on their own, or if the car jerks when it shifts gears, it should be looked at by a mechanic. If the problem is caught early, the driver could avoid a complete transmission replacement.

Unusual Noises

If the vehicle is making strange sounds such as a buzzing, whining, or a clunking, when shifting, it should be checked by a mechanic. If the car is especially noisy when it is in neutral, it is also a sign that there is a problem. The sooner the problem is fixed, the less chance there will be of breaking down on the road.

Cloudy, Burnt Transmission Fluid

Normal transmission fluid is bright red. It also has a very distinctive, sweet smell. It the driver checks their fluids and they find that the transmission fluid is dark and it smells and looks burned, there is something going on with the transmission.

Burning Odor When Exiting the Car

If the driver gets out of the car and they smell something burning, it could be due to excessive friction in the transmission. This can result in a complete transmission breakdown. Any type of burning smell should always be checked by a mechanic.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If the driver gets out of the car and sees red fluid in the driveway, chances are the transmission fluid is leaking. A leak doesn’t necessarily mean that the transmission is going, however, if the leak is allowed to continue, it can cause damage to the transmission.

If a driver notices any of the problems listed above, they should visit a mechanic for Auto Transmission Repair in Forest Lake MN. For more information, check out

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