Signs it’s Time for Immediate Automotive Repair in Columbia, MO

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Auto Repair

Even the best drivers rarely know much about diagnosing car problems. This can leave them in a bind when they’re wondering whether they can put off having their cars fixed without risking further damage. Even the most inexperienced driver can recognize the following signs it’s time to take a car in for immediate Automotive Repair in Columbia MO, though.

Flashing Check Engine Light

A normally lit up check engine light shouldn’t be considered cause for panic but if the check engine light is flashing continuously, it means there’s something seriously wrong such as a leak in the emissions system. Even if the vehicle seems to run normally, it’s best to have it checked out.

Smoke Under the Hood

There should never be smoke coming from under a vehicle’s hood. When smoke appears, it’s usually a sign that the vehicle is overheating. Stop driving immediately and take the car in for repairs to avoid severe engine damage.

Transmission Issues

If a car suddenly develops problems getting up to speed or switching gears or drivers experience sudden, dramatic surges in power, it’s likely due to transmission failure. Transmission repairs are one form of Automotive Repair in Columbia MO that drivers should never put off until later. What starts out as a minor issue could wind up destroying the transmission if drivers aren’t careful.

Knocking Sounds

More often than not, knocking sounds are the last thing drivers hear before their engines die completely. It may be possible to avoid a catastrophic breakdown, though. Turn the car off as soon as the knocking starts and have it towed to a shop to avoid putting extra pressure on the engine.

Brake Problems

Drivers should never ignore problems with their vehicles’ braking systems. Check for issues like leaks in brake lines and worn down brake pads periodically to avoid dangerous driving conditions and take the car to a qualified mechanic at the first sign of trouble.

Get Help Now

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